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A digital guide to the process of problem solving which highlights strengths and weaknesses, explains mistakes, reminds you about definitions and helps to clarify concepts.Check out our Introductory network to see it in action.


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Olympiad 3

At what point does a small ball rolling off a big one leave it's surface.

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  • Swimming pool investigations 28 Nov 21

    There is a swimming pool next to my school, I thought it might be fun to think up some investigations that could be carried out there, here's a quick list: That'll do for now.

  • Is your teacher lying about electricity? 26 Nov 21

    In his recent video about the transmission of electrical energy Derek Muller accuses physics teachers of lying to their students. One of my students saw this video before me and asked me the question. I got the answer right :-) However I'm...

  • Individual investigation advice 19 Nov 21

    Maybe you are doing your individal investigation or if you are a first year maybe, like my own students, you are doing a tral one. I made this short video for my students and thought it might be worth sharing. I should point out that I have...

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