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Waves 1

If two identical sounds are played from two speakers where is there a quiet spot?

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  • Free Access Weekend!

    If you are a basic subscriber you will have free access to all the site pages on Saturday and Sunday, 4th and 5th February! Check out all the resources available to help you with your physics revision/self-study. If you are not a basic subscriber,...

    2 February 2023
  • Rectification

      Making a full wave rectifier can be difficult but it's simpler if you build it in two stages. Here LEDs are used to bring the circuit to life. First a line of 3 LEDs are connected in the same direction so they all come on when the current...

    1 January 2023
  • Friction is good

    There have been a lot of this sort of video on the Internet this week and they high light something that is often a source of misconception. you will have learnt that friction opposes motion so when you draw friction acting on a car it seems...

    31 December 2022

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    How does a force that is proportional to displacement result in an oscillation? Are all oscillations simple harmonic? What is the connection between oscillations and waves? Are waves really made of an infinite number of wavelets?

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  • helped me see IB Physics in a completely different way that really helped me prepare for the exam.
    Shea Berman, Miami Beach Senior High School (USA)
  • Great site for revising the course using written notes, videos as well as quizzes.
    Rudolf Vaco, The Prague British School (Czech Republic)
  • This site has helped me improve in Physics as to take the exam. The best part is that it takes you through each step of the problems and gives you worked answers in a way you learn from your mistakes, instead of being left in the dark. It helps a lot for studying.
    Ana Rosa Aguilar, United World College Red Cross Nordic (Norway)