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Waves 1

If two identical sounds are played from two speakers where is there a quiet spot?

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  • 2 May 2022

    School lever

    With a long enough lever you can lift anything. Here I am trying to move millstone from the river by  my house. I have moved it 2m in 2 days means it will be in out garden some time next year. The mechanical advantage is about 20 since the...

  • 18 April 2022

    IA 2022

    Actually the title should be 2023 since that is when this lot will do their exam, however I always get the IA done early so my first year students have just handed in their 1st draft. I have given feedback and they have 1 week to finish it...

  • 9 April 2022

    Best fit curves in GeoGebra

    Some of my students and I are having difficulty plotting curves in Loggerpro. There seems to be some bugs. Curve plotting is necessary in the IA when an equation can not be linearised, however it is important that the curve plotted is based...

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    Projectile motion

    Vertical and horizontal motion are independent for a projectile.

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  • helped me see IB Physics in a completely different way that really helped me prepare for the exam.
    Shea Berman, Miami Beach Senior High School (USA)
  • Great site for revising the course using written notes, videos as well as quizzes.
    Rudolf Vaco, The Prague British School (Czech Republic)
  • This site has helped me improve in Physics as to take the exam. The best part is that it takes you through each step of the problems and gives you worked answers in a way you learn from your mistakes, instead of being left in the dark. It helps a lot for studying.
    Ana Rosa Aguilar, United World College Red Cross Nordic (Norway)