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Energy production




This topic is quite unusual. Rather than having lots of abstract concepts (like force or potential difference), the physics you have studied so far will help you to understand some big real-world issues:

  • Energy production and consumption (usually electricity)
  • Renewable and non-renewable sources
  • Nuclear power
  • The greenhouse effect

It's all about flow!

  • Renewable sources II

    Norway is well known as a producer of oil and gas (oil well haha) but domestic electricity is supplied entirely by hydro power.

  • Power stations

    Here you will learn about the principles behind the operation of a power station but you will not be able to build one, I can't even draw one.

  • Renewable sources I

    They used to be called "alternative" sources of energy but they are becoming mainstream.

  • Energy to the Earth

    Most of physics is to do with how one variable affects another, this topic is not.  There are too many uncontrollable variables to make a simple model.

  • Energy sources

    It may not seem like it at first but almost all our sources of energy originate from the Sun.

  • Global thermal energy transfer

    This is a bit of everything, conservation of energy, waves, electromagnetism, fusion and electron energy levels plus some new concepts black body radiation, Stefan´s law and Wein´s law.