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  • Nothing very interesting here I´m afraid, just some boring symbols that it would be helpful to remember.
  • Most of this is actually in the data booklet, but it's quicker if you know it and might be useful in a pub quiz one day!

  • Greek alphabet

    The letters of the Greek alphabet (almost all will be used)

  • Error and uncertainty

    An error is the difference between the value you determine and the true value. Given that we collect data in experiments, and that our measuring instruments are not perfectly sensitive, there will always be an uncertainty in our value.  

  • Prefixes

     You actually get a list of these in the databook but it's better if you know them.

  • Units

    There are 6 fundamental units we will use (not the candle) and a whole load of derived ones.

  • Presenting data

    There are a few rules to follow when presenting data...

  • Vectors

    Adding vectors in 1D and 2D plus taking components of a vector.