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StudyIB is a brilliant website for any IB student to study from. I have been using StudyIB for both Physics SL and IB Math SL and, and it has been a tremendous help for me. It provides information both in text form and video form; the video form is narrated by a brilliant teacher, who goes through all...
Edric Soyo, International school of Hannover Region (Germany)
This is genuinely the holy grail of IB chemistry resources. IB is very stressful and keeping on top of your content and revision is difficult. This website has amazingly clear explanations for all syllabus points, it's so good that I haven't use my actual notes for revision. The multiple-choice question...
OLIVE (United Kingdom)
StudyIB is life changing! The best resource out there. StudyIB should, and will, be a staple in every IB chemist's revision!
SAM (Italy)
The Inthinking Biology website is very helpful in providing not only notes and diagrams to explain all the concepts, but also provides additional tests and Quizlets to strengthen your learning. I definitely recommend!
Elizabeth Rouha, International School of Prague (Czech Republic) helped me see IB Physics in a completely different way that really helped me prepare for the exam.
Shea Berman, Miami Beach Senior High School (USA)
The website is a blessing. I'm so happy to have stumbled upon it and I recommend it to anyone who is preparing for the SL math exam. The videos have been so successful in helping me recall content from the years... The website works very well and the note sheets, quizzes, and exam styled questions...
Anne Laurie Joseph, Flagler Palm Coast High School (USA)