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My students love the website, I am using it for revising all the topics.
Bindiya Asar, Oxstand International school (China)
This is genuinely the holy grail of IB chemistry resources. IB is very stressful and keeping on top of your content and revision is difficult. This website has amazingly clear explanations for all syllabus points, it's so good that I haven't use my actual notes for revision. The multiple-choice question...
OLIVE (United Kingdom)
The Maths AA HL course on Inthinking Revision has been of tremendous help to me, especially with the way each section is structured, usually consisting of videos and revision notes, followed by quizzes to practice your skills before jumping into exam-style questions, which are arranged in ascending...
Thu An Hoang, British International School Hanoi (Vietnam)
I just really love Biology and this site is amazing for me as it is so clear and easy to understand!
Ciaran, IS Toulouse (France)
I love this site, it is so helpful in making sure the content is both comprehensive but easily understandable.
Falak Rafi, Mount Vernon High School (USA)
StudyIB chemistry is an amazing resource. I like that it is condensed but also informative; I much prefer it to the textbooks! I only used StudyIB notes for my mocks and am also planning on using it for my final exams. I really recommend it!
KAILIN (United Kingdom)