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The site is great for revising the basic understandings of each topic quickly. Especially since you are able to test yourself at the end of each page and easily see where you need to improve.
Finn Tlatlik, Söderportgymnasiet (Sweden)
The website is a blessing. I'm so happy to have stumbled upon it and I recommend it to anyone who is preparing for the SL math exam. The videos have been so successful in helping me recall content from the years... The website works very well and the note sheets, quizzes, and exam styled questions...
Anne Laurie Joseph, Flagler Palm Coast High School (USA)
Really great website, tutorials are easy to follow and split topics up into sections that are manageable. This makes revision easy to track and the test questions provide accurate indicators of progress to make sure material has been learnt.
Ross Harrison, Student
Very useful for revision before tests. The sample questions are an effective practice.
Irina Levkovets, Hvitfeldtska Gymnasiet (Sweden)
Inthinking Revision helped my kids greatly. They liked having the videos, notes, questions and solutions. Wonderful study material.
Timothy Nichols, Humble High School (USA)
It is life saving... I am passing IB because of this site!
Dihini Pilimatalawwe, King George V School (Hong Kong)