Revision tips

Ever feel like perfection seems impossible?

That's ok!

As a rough guide, you need only multiply your target grade by 10 to get the percentage you're looking for. 40% overall can land you a commendable Level 4, and a top Level 7 comes with 70%. Reassure yourself when faced with a tough paper.

StudyIB Physics top 10 exam tips:

  1. Get fluent with your data booklet.
  2. Get fluent with your calculator.
  3. Memorise facts, definitions and rules to guarantee 10% of the marks.
  4. Read questions carefully, understand the language.
  5. Highlight the command term and the physical quantity of interest.
  6. Draw diagrams to help visualize the problem.
  7. Eliminate variables using ratios to simplify equations.
  8. Structure your calculations giving full explanations of steps.
  9. Use the units.
  10. Check your work and scrap around for marks.

  • What to expect

    Learn about the contents of the papers, reading time and what materials you can expect to use.

  • Papers 1, 2 and 3

    It's clear that revising content knowledge will help you to perform better in the exam. But what about understanding the language of the questions themselves?

  • Mind maps and revision techniques

    You should consider exercising your memory, using the virtual tutor and solving problems during revision.

  • Pairing games

    Some pairing games to practice applying equations.  

  • Remembering equations

    You might think that you don't have to remember all the equations because you have the databook but it's not true.

  • Misconceptions

    A misconception is an incorrect idea about something that is common among non-experts.

  • Past paper walk-throughs

    This page is a growing repository of worked solutions, starting with SL November 2018.