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New to physics?

Physics is the study of the largest and smallest objects in the universe, the laws that govern their movements and the conceptual approximations that allow us to make predictions from observations. If you like thinking deeply about intangible ideas and impressing your friends with cool knowlege then IB Diploma Programme Physics is almost certainly for you.

New to IB?

You'll probably by now have chosen the six subjects that will make up the optional aspects of your International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Regardless of whether you are taking Physics at Standard or Higher Level, you'll get a big sweep of information from the macroscopic ideas of Forces and Motion, Heat, Orbits, Vibrations and Energy Production right down to the nanoscale with Gas Particles, Light, Electricity and Quantum Physics.

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  • Essentials

    Here we'll take you through the need-to-know aspects of the DP Physics course.

  • User manual

    Learn how to navigate the site, check your progress, try questions and problems, and follow our expert exam tips.

  • Practical work

    IB physicists are required to complete 40 (SL) or 60 (HL) hours of practical work as part of their course. Learn about the required practical work.

  • Investigation handbook

    The Internal Assessment (IA) is an investigation on a physics topic of interest to you. You will spend 10 hours of class time on the work and are required to produce a 6-12 page scientific paper. The IA counts for 20% of your final grade.

  • Investigation ideas

    Check out our top 10 investigation tips and an extensive list of possible ideas.

  • Coming soon

    Find out about our planned updates to the site.