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  • Digestion & absorption 6.106 Human physiology

    The human digestive system, its parts and functions are in this topic. This includes digestive enzymes, their optimum conditions, substrates and products, as well as detailed structure of villi and microvilli.

  • Blood system 6.206 Human physiology

    Revise and learn how to sketch the diagram of a heart, label heart chambers and blood vessels, distinguish between arteries, veins and capillaries, describe the cardiac cycle, the control of the heart rate and the causes and consequences of occlusion. 

  • Water 2.202 Molecular biology

    In this section you will learn everything about the water, about its composition, polarity, hydrogen bonds and what makes water so unique in terms of its physical properties.

  • Hormones and reproduction 6.606 Human physiology

    Learn about homeostasis, thermoregulation, control of blood glucose, diabetes, leptin, melatonin, male and female reproductive systems, the SRY gene, secondary sexual characteristics and the menstrual cycle.

  • Neurones and synapses 6.506 Human physiology

    This topic covers neurons and synapses. Get to grips with the structure of a neuron, the propagation of action potentials along a neuron and the transmission of electrical impulses across a synapse. There is also a specific look at cholinergic synapses.