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  • Second Free Access Weekend!

    If you have a Basic subscription we are opening free access to all the site pages on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th March! You will be able to see all the resources, in all the topics. There is lots to help you with your Biology revision / self-study.

    2 March 2023
  • Planning extended response answers for success.

    Probably the most daunting questions IB Biology students have to answer are the extended response questions. They are not essays, but they do require a little structure. This post shares helpful ideas about how to approach these questions....

    9 May 2022
  • Good luck

    Wednesday the 11th May students in the northern hemisphere will revise for the last time, and sit down in an exam hall to answer the questions in this years IBDP Biology Exams. Whether HL or SL, aiming for grade 7 or grade 4 we hope you have...

    9 May 2022

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  • Paper 1 style Exam questions Free

    These pages contain questions written directly in the style of examination questions. Paper 1 style questions are multiple choice. You are not permitted to use a calculator or the data book for Paper 1, but you should use a periodic table. These...

  • Paper 2 style Exam questions Free

    These pages contain longer written answers to questions found in paper two and three. Paper 2 style questions have several styles. You are allowed to use a calculator. They test detailed subject knowledge, application of knowledge and the use...

  • 01 Cell biology Free

    This is an introduction to the Cell Biology topic. This page lists the understandings and skills expected for topic one. Helpful for revision.

  • Paper 1 style Exam questions

    Topic 1 Cell Biology Paper 1 questions Free

    This page contains multiple choice questions in the style of Paper 1 of the Biology exams. They test the breadth of your knowledge of the understandings and skills about cell biology.

  • 02 Molecular biology Free

    This is an introduction to the molecular biology topic. It lists understandings, skills and links to activities for Topic 2 including water, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, enzymes, DNA, RNA, protein synthesis, respiration and photosynthesis.

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  • I just really love Biology and this site is amazing for me as it is so clear and easy to understand!
    Ciaran, IS Toulouse (France)
  • It is life saving... I am passing IB because of this site!
    Dihini Pilimatalawwe, King George V School (Hong Kong)
  • The best resource for IB students!
    Lena Marks, The American School of Doha (Qatar)
  • The site helps me with my revision, and it makes me confident for my exams!
    Aishwarya Iyer, NPS International School (Singapore)
  • I love this site, it is so helpful in making sure the content is both comprehensive but easily understandable.
    Falak Rafi, Mount Vernon High School (USA)