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  • Algebra

    In this topic, we will look at Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Series Exponents and Logarithms The Binomial Theorem Solving Systems of Linear Equations

  • Functions

    In this topic, we will look at Composite and Inverse Functions Quadratic Functions and the Discriminant Rational Functions Transforming Functions

  • Algebra

    Indices and Logarithms

    Logarithms are useful for solving problems involving indices (or exponents). In fact, logarithms are just indices in disguise! The definition of a logarithm helps you to see its equivalence with indices

  • Question Bank

    We all know that practice makes perfect, so this is the page that will sharpen your skills for any quiz, test or exam. With 1200 questions ready to check your knowledge of the course, our question bank is here to help you. You can take a random...

  • Start Here

    Welcome to the InThinking Mathematics Analysis and Approaches Revision Site! This site is designed to be your one-stop-virtual teacher for any help that you might need throughout the IB course. Whether you are trying to secure that all important...