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Mechanics is the study of the interactions between physical bodies and their consequent motion.

Learning objectives

After studying this topic, you should be able to:

  • Define the quantities used to describe motion (displacement, velocity, acceleration).
  • Derive a set of equations that give the relationship between the displacement, velocity, acceleration and time when the acceleration is constant.
  • Solve problems involving constant acceleration in 1 and 2-dimensions.
  • Understand the effects of forces.
  • Relate unbalanced forces to motion.
  • Consider energy and the capabilities that this gives to bodies.
  • Define power and efficiency.
  • Learn about types of collision in terms of conservation of momentum.

  • Kinematics

    Kinematics is the study of moving objects.

  • Forces

    Every new movement, direction, squash or stretch requires a force.

  • Work and energy

    Work done and energy changed are equivalent.