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A digital guide to the process of problem solving which highlights strengths and weaknesses, explains mistakes, reminds you about definitions and helps to clarify concepts.This section is in the initial stages of construction — any feedback welcome!


Moles: Concentration and titration calculations

Understanding how to use moles to find the concentration of solutions, and how to deal with titration calculations.


Moles: Empirical and molecular formulae

Understanding how to use moles to find empirical formula and molecular formula.


Foundation knowledge: Isotopes and relative atomic mass

Understanding the nature of isotopes and how to calculate relative atomic mass.


Foundation knowledge: Atoms and ions

Understanding the principal sub-atomic particles inside the atom and how ions arise.

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  • 23 October 2022

    Last minute revision

    With the November chemistry exam fast approaching, it's worth getting as much practice in as you can! The Paper 1 exam questions are quick revision, have immediate feedback, and will highlight anything that you don't know; good luck!  Paper...

  • 12 April 2022

    IB Chemistry Exam Preparation

    Don't get caught out! The best way to prepare for your Paper 1 and Paper 2 IB chemistry exams is to do as many past paper questions as you can. Here on you can find loads of questions to do here:  Paper 1 Exam Questions  Paper 2...

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  • StudyIB is life changing! The best resource out there. StudyIB should, and will, be a staple in every IB chemist's revision!
    SAM (Italy)
  • StudyIB chemistry is an amazing resource. I like that it is condensed but also informative; I much prefer it to the textbooks! I only used StudyIB notes for my mocks and am also planning on using it for my final exams. I really recommend it!
    KAILIN (United Kingdom)
  • This is genuinely the holy grail of IB chemistry resources. IB is very stressful and keeping on top of your content and revision is difficult. This website has amazingly clear explanations for all syllabus points, it's so good that I haven't use my actual notes for revision. The multiple-choice question that are available on this website is brilliant for testing the breath of your knowledge and super convenient to do on the app on the train or the bus.
    OLIVE (United Kingdom)