• Free Access Weekend!

    If you are a basic subscriber you will have free access to all the site pages on Saturday and Sunday, 4th and 5th February! Check out all the resources available to help you with your physics revision/self-study. If you are not a basic subscriber,...

    2 February 2023
  • Rectification

      Making a full wave rectifier can be difficult but it's simpler if you build it in two stages. Here LEDs are used to bring the circuit to life. First a line of 3 LEDs are connected in the same direction so they all come on when the current...

    1 January 2023
  • Friction is good

    There have been a lot of this sort of video on the Internet this week and they high light something that is often a source of misconception. you will have learnt that friction opposes motion so when you draw friction acting on a car it seems...

    31 December 2022
  • School lever

    With a long enough lever you can lift anything. Here I am trying to move millstone from the river by  my house. I have moved it 2m in 2 days means it will be in out garden some time next year. The mechanical advantage is about 20 since the...

    2 May 2022
  • IA 2022

    Actually the title should be 2023 since that is when this lot will do their exam, however I always get the IA done early so my first year students have just handed in their 1st draft. I have given feedback and they have 1 week to finish it...

    18 April 2022
  • Best fit curves in GeoGebra

    Some of my students and I are having difficulty plotting curves in Loggerpro. There seems to be some bugs. Curve plotting is necessary in the IA when an equation can not be linearised, however it is important that the curve plotted is based...

    9 April 2022
  • Daily IA

    I really like this one. I common with most excellent investigation it's a simple idea but it turns out complex. On the face of it it's a too simple. What is the relationship between the resistance and length of a conductor. But this conductor...

    6 April 2022
  • Daily IA

    Adrianna is doing her investigation on a hot air balloon made from bin liners. The research question is "what is the relationship between the uward force eperienced by a hot air balloon and its temperature". It is quite difficult to Measure...

    5 April 2022
  • Daily IA

    Clara is researching the amplitude of waves on a ripple tank. Actually she started measuring waves in the Fjord located (about 50 meters from my lab) but found it too impressice.The ripple tank is more calm but it's difficult to take measurements....

    5 April 2022
  • Daily IA

    This is Aaro, he is from Finland so is naturally going to do his IA in the sauna, plotting isotherms for air at different temperatures. I'm not quite sure about the actual research question but something to do with gas at least.

    5 April 2022