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  • 23 May 22

    ¡Entrena tu oído!

    Recursos  Hay una sección completa de  Resources y dentro de esta parte encontrarás material audiovisual variado que puedes utilizar  cada día. Algunas sugerencias sobre: Te ofrecemos esta lista de recursos para que practiques tu español...

  • 15 May 22

    Consejos para la Comprensión auditiva

    The Listening exam (Paper 2) is taking place this week in the northern hemisphere. Here you'll find some last minute revision tips. Remember to be very active not only whlie you listen to the audio texts, but also before and after you listen...

  • 9 May 22

    Consejos para la Prueba 1

    The best way to do well in exams is to make sure you are well prepared and have done your revision. Getting ready for Paper 1 (writing) requires work and effort. Remenber that small details can make a difference in your writing and this is...

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