About us

The StudyIB revision websites for IBDP students have been developed by InThinking, an educational consultancy service which provides high quality training for teachers, and web-based resources for teachers and students in IB World Schools. (For more information about our training and resources for teachers, see www.inthinking.net and www.thinkib.net)

Our suite of StudyIB websites have been written by a team of highly experienced IBDP teachers who have an average of more than 15 years experience teaching the IB diploma as well as a wide range of examining experience.

Biology www.studyib.net/biology

David Faure
David has been teaching Biology for over 25 years, and IB since 2000. He also teaches Theory of Knowledge, IB Chemistry, and IGCSE Co-ordinated Sciences to younger students. He has been Head of Science since 2005 and is a keen advocate of Science curriculum innovations. He is also the author of the InThinking Biology website for DP teachers.

Physics www.studyib.net/physics

Chris Hamper
Chris is a Physics teacher with 40 years experience teaching students from a wide range of backgrounds. He is the author of the Pearson Baccalaureate IB Diploma Physics texts and the InThinking Physics website for teachers. Chris also designed the educational management system used at his school. Put these skills together and you get an innovative approach to online learning.

Emma Mitchell
Emma is a Physics teacher and Head of Higher Education at Whitgift School, near London. A co-author of the InThinking Physics website for DP teachers, Emma is an experienced Physics examiner and has an active research interest in girls' participation in Physics.

Maths: Analysis & Approaches www.studyib.net/mathsanalysis

Richard Wade
Richard is a Mathematics teacher with 25 years experience teaching students with a range of different needs. A co-author of the InThinking website for middle years teachers, he has conducted numerous teacher training workshops and has a deep understanding of the Diploma course and its examination requirements. Passionate about education, Richard seeks to inspire his students with his own love of mathematics.

Maths Studies www.studyib.net/mathstudies

Jim Noble
Jim is the Head of Mathematics at the International School of Toulouse (IST), where he teaches all levels of Mathematics. The author of the InThinking Maths Studies website for DP teachers, he has an extensive range of teacher training and curriculum development experience. Jim is a passionate supporter of the Maths Studies course and its spirit of Mathematics for all.