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Periodicity examines the trends in chemical and physcial properties across and down the periodic table of elements. The trends are 'periodic', in that they repeat themselves. The periodic table of elements is arranged in order of proton number, and in accordance with our model of the electronic structure of atoms.

  • Coloured complexes

    This is a relatively short section of the course. Coloured compounds arise in d-block elements due to the splitting in energy of the d sub-levels when ligands surround the central metal ion. Understanding that idea is the key to this topic.

  • First-row d-block elements

    This section of the course is not in itself too conceptually challenging, but there are lots of links to other parts of the course. Ensure that you are confident with electronic structure, dative bonds and Lewis acids and bases.

  • Periodic table

    This section introduces the classification of elements in the periodic table. The section has a small amount of content, but some key principles. The arrangement of an element in the periodic table allows us to predict its electron configuration.

  • Periodic trends

    There is a great deal of content here; lots of information that must be learned, with many links to other parts of the course. If it is too daunting, perhaps come back to it after completing other sections.