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Welcome to Study IB Diploma Chemistry

Site overview


Who is this site for?

This is a beta revision site for International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme chemistry students. It is written specifically for the Standard Level and Higher Level chemistry specifications for the IBDP. It may also be useful for any students studying chemistry.

What is a Beta version?

This website is under construction, so we have called it a beta version.

All the core topics of the chemistry course for both SL and HL are now covered in the relevant sections, but there is still some tidying to do, and new material will be added all the time. For example videos will be added for organic mechanisms (HL) over the course of the summer. The plan for the future is to produce more videos and to produce written questions with worked answers that are typical of examinations.

Please do email (using feedback) if there are any video explanations that you'd like to see or ideas you have for the site.

We hope that students in both DP1 and DP2 will find it useful, especially with some school sites closed and remote learning in operation in many parts of the world.

P.s. The Virtual tutor section is under development and is likely to be a project for next year (2022).

What do you get?

  • Flashcard sets of key terms, including highlighted definitions that need to be learned.
  • Revision cards containing all of the content you need in concise note form.
  • Video tutorials explaining key concepts.
  • Instant feedback multiple choice questions covering all of the concepts in a topic.
  • Feedback from the questions is extensive and will help you learn!

How is it structured?

Each topic has a number of sub-topics that are 'children' of the topic page. These sub-topic pages are labelled according to the specification/syllabus and contain the chemistry.

There is a pop-up periodic table on the left-hand menu bar.

You will find these sections below on each of the sub-topic pages:


This section highlights particularly important things to remember and gives you revision tips for the topic.

Key Terms

This section contains flash cards that you should use to ensure that you understand the key vocabulary of the topic. Asterixed (*) definitions are those that you must learn to recall - you may be asked for the precise definition in an examination or expected to define the term as part of an answer.

Video Tutorials

This section contains video tutorials on particularly challenging or important concepts/tasks within the topic.

Revision Cards

This section contains concise revision notes completely covering the sub-topic.


This section contains a multiple choice quiz that covers all of the key understandings/concepts/tasks required for this sub-topic. Many of the questions are written in the style of an IB examination paper, but because the questions seek to cover all of the key understandings/concepts/skills, some questions are more challenging or constructed differently than those that you will find on a multiple choice IB examination paper and some will require the use of a calculator (a calculator is not allowed in the IB multiple choice examination - paper 1).

More questions are available in the Question Bank where you can create a random or custom quiz.