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Chemical reactions occur at different rates. An explosion may be a rapid chemical reaction, rusting is a much slower process. Kinetics is the study of the rates of reactions and the corresponding pathways that reactions may take.

  • Activation energy

    This is a short topic. The Arrhenius equation is given in the data book in all its relevant forms so the important thing to do is to become familiar with the equation and to ensure that you know how to plot a graph to find activation energy.

  • Collision theory and rates of reaction

    You are likely to have met much of this topic in your previous chemistry studies. Confidence with your recall of the collision theory and the effect of temperature, surface area and concentration upon rate of reaction is critical.

  • Rate expression and reaction mechanism

    This section is more straightforward than it at first seems. The important thing is to be comfortable in identifying the order of reaction of a reactant or catalyst from data given, whether that is in the form of a graph or numerical data.