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Redox Processes

Redox; reduction and oxidation - one cannot occur without the other - is best defined as the transfer of electrons from one chemical element to another.

  • Electrochemical cells I

    Electrochemical cells is undoubtedly one of the most challenging topics in the course to get the head around. The principles of redox are straightforward - the loss and gain of electrons - but the concept is applied in different contexts in voltaic and ele

  • Electrochemical cells II

    It is absolutely critical that understanding of the topics oxidation and reduction 9.1 and electrochemical cells 9.2 is thorough before beginning on revision of this, more advanced, topic. It is so easy to get lost in this topic, and there is a lot to deal

  • Oxidation and reduction

    It is important to understand that redox is about electron counting. If you understand our oxidation state model, then the rest of the Redox topic will be more accessible and less confusing. We are always asking ourselves 'Which atoms have the valance ele