David Faure

David Faure has been teaching Biology for over 25 years, and IB since 2000. He also teaches IB ToK, a little IB Chemistry, and IGCSE Co-ordinated Sciences to younger students. He has been Head of Science since 2005 and a keen advocate of Science curriculum innovations from The Nuffield foundation, York university, Harvard Project Zero and Inquiry based or concept based learning.

With an honors degree in Ecology, David began teaching in 1989, first working in Outdoor Education in the UK, New Zealand and on conservation work in Belize. Since completing his post-graduate teaching qualification, David has been involved in school initiatives in assessment and reporting,  School accreditation through NEASC, CIS and the IBO.

He has years of examining and moderating experience, he presents webinars and delivers in-service training to teachers in Europe, USA and Asia. A dedicated educator, David likes to incorporate ICT into his teaching when it improves learning. He loves investigations in Biology and Science experiments generally. He runs a practical Science club after school and he is a member of the ASE.