• Repaso para el oral individual

    Do you know how much do we offer for your oral exam preparation? Where to go ... This video (2 minutes) will help you to go to the right pages on the website and get what you need independently of your level. ¡Cuanta más practica, mejores resultados!

    21 February 2023
  • Free access 4th & 5th February!

    If you are a basic subscriber you will have free access to all the site pages on Saturday and Sunday, 4th and 5th February! Check out all the resources available to help you with your Spanish B revision/self-study. If you are not a basic subscriber,...

    1 February 2023
  • Preparación para el oral individual

    Many of you must be preparing your oral examination (IA). There is plenty of resources, exam tips, strategies, and guidance in this revision site for you to consolidate and practise your speaking. All materials are available in both levels....

    17 January 2023
  • El primer cómic creado por IA

    If you prefer to read something different in Spanish, today we present GATAS, the first comic created by artificial intelligence in Spain. A science fiction story in the Madrid of 2614. ¿Por qué leer cómics? GATAS GATAS es el primer cómic...

    26 November 2022
  • Tu diario de español

    La práctica es el mejor maestro: Usus magister est optimus What do you think about keeping a Spanish diary? As you can read above Practice is the best master. In order to improve your writing skills the best thing to do is to write. It is true...

    18 November 2022
  • Almodóvar

    Fin de semana de cine con el gran director de cine: Almodóvar y su última película: "Madres paralelas" ¿Conoces a Almodóvar? Es un director de cine español, quizás el más internacional. Te invitamos este fin de semana a ver una de sus...

    11 November 2022
  • How do you read in your language?

    How do you read in your language? If you find out, this can help you to comprehend better in Spanish. Reflecting about the way you read in your mother tongue or the language you use at school will help you to develop your reading skills in Spanish and...

    4 November 2022
  • Estrategias para la comprensión auditiva

    There is a lot going on while you listen to a Spanish oral text, you are all the time monitoring your comprehension, and making decisions about your strategy use. For this, you need to evaluate continually what you are comprehending and this...

    24 October 2022
  • La aplicación para Español B

    Do you know the InThinking Revision App for Spanish B? You can build your vocabulary, develop your grammar, revise for all assessment components and much more,  all from the comfort of your smartphone or laptop. There are more than 2000 questions...

    26 September 2022
  • Lo audiovisual

    Films, series, TV programmes, documentaries, short films, YouTube videos, etc. in Spanish will help you promote your language learning with meaningful experiences that will encourage you to develop your language skills much further! We offer...

    10 June 2022