Test yourself

In this section:

You find everything you need for successful practice and revision: from effective leaning approaches and all skills practice to mock exams. Both quantity and quality of revision makes a difference and, of course, effective practice makes a difference!

Why is practice so important?

Deliberate practice involves attention, rehearsal and repetition and leads to new knowledge or skills that can later be developed into more complex knowledge and skills.  This is why this section is so important and relevant to your language learning skills and will help you to achieve high levels of expert performance.

Practice is important in at least five ways:
  1. Practice greatly increases the probability for you to remember new information
  2. Practice increases your automaticity, i.e. learning to apply elements of knowledge automatically, without reflection through extensive rehearsal and repetition.
  3. Practice increases your cognitive gains and your motivation to learn
  4. Practice helps you to acquire expertise in the subject
  5. Practice increases your ability to transfer practised skills to new and more complex situations

The following sections will help you to make your practice as effective as possible.