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    The Normal DistributionStatistics

    The normal distribution is a fascinating, naturally occurring phenomenon that has very relevant applications to understanding the world around us. When a data set is normally distributed it has some key properties that allow us to make predictions about th

  • Sets of NumbersNumber and Algebra

    This sub topic is about the 4 key sets of numbers that define our number system. Natural numbers, Integers, Rational numbers and Real numbers. This section starts by taking you through the concept of number sets, starting with sets that we...


    Arithmetic SequencesNumber and Algebra

    These are sequences where the difference from one term to the next remains constant, like the one in the title! Arithmetic sequences crop up in all sorts of places and this unit looks at understanding how to generalise, sum and solve problems...


    Calculus conceptCalculus

    This is the first of three sections on differential calculus. This is significant branch of mathematics with lots of applications. It builds very nicely on other concepts in the course and those you are likely to have covered previously...

  • Chi Squared Independence testsStatistics

    The chi squared independence tests is a widely used technique for looking for a relationship between variables that are categorical. We can use a scatter graph to look for a relationship between GDP and life expectancy, but what about GDP and...