Geometry and Trigonometry

Please find links to key chapters from this area of the course below.

  • Right angled Trigonometry

    This part of trigonometry can be seen in the recurring relationships between the sides of right angles triangles. The relationship means that we can use two bits of information about a triangle to work out a third and so on until we know everything...

  • Volume and Surface Area

    This section is all about the volume and surface area of prisms, cylinders, pyramids, cones and spheres! All of these shapes has their own unique properties and this section is about understanding and calculating the volumes and surface areas.

  • Non - Right angled Trigonometry

    Here we take trigonometry to the next level by working with triangles that do not have a right angle. We will work on three key rules. The Sine rule, the Cosine rule and the formula for th area of a triangle. All of these involve linking four...