Inthinking Revision for IB Maths A&A course is simply amazing! I used it to prepare for mock assessments and final assessments during my IB course, and as a result I got a grade 7. It was the single most useful resource I used to learn and revise IB Maths. The videos are very clear at explaining concepts, and by indicating the level of difficulty by each video, allows the student to reach the depth of knowledge one is aiming for. The revision sheets are condensed, and straight to the point, which is perfect for quick glancing right before the assessment to remind yourself of what is expected to be asked, and the quizzes are amazing for testing how well the concepts were understood. I found exam style questions particularly useful to apply my knowledge in the format the IB uses. Exam style questions also indicate the level of difficulty, which has really stretched my capabilities in maths, as I aspired to attempt even the hardest possible questions in IB maths SL.
Inthinking Revision is an easy to navigate and simple to use platform to study and revise IB Maths (SL and HL); it contains all the topics that the students needs to learn about, and plenty of questions for practice, in order to become an expert at answering them in the way IB wants them to.
Thanks a lot for such fantastic resource!
Veronica Berger, Charterhouse School (United Kingdom)
The Maths AA HL course on Inthinking Revision has been of tremendous help to me, especially with the way each section is structured, usually consisting of videos and revision notes, followed by quizzes to practice your skills before jumping into exam-style questions, which are arranged in ascending order of difficulty and also clearly categorised into calculator/non-calc.
I found the narrated guides particularly useful, as the teacher provided us with a breakdown of not only the content for each section, but also common exam-style questions and how they can be approached. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who is looking for an efficient method to revise for the MathsAA HL exam, especially since the textbook can seem too overwhelming at times.
Thu An Hoang, British International School Hanoi (Vietnam)
The videos about the concepts along with the revision notes made it really easy to recall the thank you!
Yash Patel, Ooltewah High School (USA)
My teacher recommended Inthinking Revision for our class and in my opinion it was a really useful site in preparation for unit tests, exams, and to get a sense of understanding of my math level. What was really helpful was the self-evaluation button and the notes section, as it gave me a sense of understanding during future visits on what I must work more on.
Jamila Gurbanova, Nord Anglia International School of Rotterdam (Netherlands)
My students love the website, I am using it for revising all the topics.
Bindiya Asar, Oxstand International school (China)
Inthinking Revision is a very helpful website for IB students. I highly recommend it for review and teaching classes. 10/10. Amazing job StudyIB creators!
Alexis Washington, Humble High School (USA)
Inthinking Revision helped my kids greatly. They liked having the videos, notes, questions and solutions. Wonderful study material.
Timothy Nichols, Humble High School (USA)
Inthinking Revision has enormously helped me in my understanding of math. I started revising Mathematics AA SL two months prior to the exam, and during that time I barely understood the purpose of functions, trigonometry, and calculus, which was highly needed for me since I’ll be doing an interdisciplinary science major at uni. Thanks to Inthinking Revision, math laws, operations, graphs, etc. finally started to make sense to me, and generally, doing math isn’t unbearable anymore but sometimes even fun. Whenever I’d get asked about my progress in math, I’d recommend studying using studyib to my peers.
Uma Nea Zaimovic, Druga Gimnazija Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina)
I found your website really helpful and I enjoyed using it.
Manya Anand, Saint John’s International School, Waterloo (Belgium)
StudyIB is a brilliant website for any IB student to study from. I have been using StudyIB for both Physics SL and IB Math SL and, and it has been a tremendous help for me. It provides information both in text form and video form; the video form is narrated by a brilliant teacher, who goes through all of the things you need to know in every unit in their respective subjects. Moreover, in his videos, he solves IB questions and he encourages his audience to stop the video and try the question for themselves before seeing him solve it. Furthermore, after the videos and notes, you are presented with more IB questions that you can try. All in all, this is another brilliant tool for IB students to use.
Edric Soyo, International school of Hannover Region (Germany)