Investigation ideas

StudyIB Physics top 10 investigation tips

  1. You'll need to demonstrate the skills of a physicist. Think variables, measurements, data and analysis!
  2. Ensure you can form a question linked to physics theory. Otherwise, how will you know if you're right?
  3. What things influence your day-to-day life? This could provide inspiration.
  4. Want to do physics at university? What topics do you need to smarten up on?
  5. Have a go with Algodoo. It's possible to construct lenses, motion carts and gas particles for comparison with real-world data.
  6. Consider using existing Citizen Science project data with your own hypothesis.
  7. Ever notice intriguing equipment at school? We list ways to use it below.
  8. Try a quick preliminary experiment to set your control variables. Not seeing a change? Do something else!
  9. Keep researching the theory until you have a plan of attack for the experiment and analysis.
  10. Got a great idea that you really love? This doesn't happen too often! Might be worth saving this for your Extended Essay.


The investigation is yours to plan, so StudyIB won't tell you what to do. But we do have over 100 suggestions, which might just spark your imagination!


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*indicates greater difficulty