Mind maps and revision techniques


For a subject that is heavily 'applied', there are still facts and definitions to memorise. One technique to support your memory development is the use of mind maps or revision notes. These should not be an exact copy of these site pages or your textbook, but instead a visual summary.

Check out our Pairing games for a fun way to learn the facts!

Here are some examples:

 Measurement and uncertainty - All

 Mechanics - All

 Mechanics - Bitesize

 Thermal - All (and some bonus Engineering)

 Thermal - Bitesize

 Oscillations & waves - Most (all but Standing Waves)

 Oscillations & waves - Bitesize

 Electric fields & electricity - Bitesize (but not Magnetism)

 Gravitation - But not Circular Motion

 Circular motion & gravitation

 Energy Production

 AHL Waves - All

 AHL Waves - Bitesize

 AHL Fields - All

 AHL Fields - Bitesize (Gravitation only)

 Engineering - SL Quantities and Equations

Virtual tutor

By using the virtual tutor you will learn how to solve problems, top up your understanding of concepts and brush up your mathematical skills all at the same time. There are even some funny bits.

  • If you are not sure of the question, it will be clarified. 
  • If you have forgotten a definition, you will be reminded.
  • If you don’t understand a concept, it will be explained.

Once you know what physics to apply, it’s often just a matter of manipulating equations to find the answer. This will all be split into stages with animations to show the bits you can’t do.


You should regularly test your knowledge of physics to ensure that you are exam-ready. Our multiple choice questions come with explanations - worth a read even if your response was accurate!

StudyIB has started a bank of worked solutions for you to understand how you performed in past papers.