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A note from Chris and Emma...

During a combined effort of five years, we have been committed to making this site a one-stop study location for all physicists and not just a last-minute revision dash. But good quality, comprehensive, original materials take time to make.

We are excited to announce that Higher Level is here!

StudyIB DP Physics exists because, crucially, we believe it is good enough for our students at our schools. With a free Basic Subscription you can access one third of the site and we believe that our Premium Subscription is great value - €50 is the same price as a textbook (and is cheaper than an hour's tuition!).

Latest updates:

  • Past paper walk-throughs are up and running
  • AHL Waves and EM Induction topics
  • AHL Fields and Quantum topics
  • Two Options in full

Things to look out for...

  • Required practical revision guide
  • Even more questions!

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