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Mathematical requirements

  • In physics, maths is used as a tool to solve problems related to the relationships between quantities.
  • Without basic maths skills you could still understand some concepts but would not be able to solve problems.
  • Sometimes the language of maths is used to explain and describe not just perform calculations.
  • Qualitative descriptions of data include the direction and relationship in which two variables change (e.g. as time increases, distance increases proportionally).
  • Quantitative descriptions of data include numerical values (e.g. the speed of the object is 5ms-1).
  • Graphs are visual representations used to represent relationships.

  • Linear graphs

    Interpreting the gradient and intercept of straight line graphs

  • Substitution

    Some examples of how to substitute from one equation into another

  • Radians

     How the radian is defined and why the angle is the same as the sin of the angle for small angles

  • Non-linear graphs

    Some common non linear graphs.

  • Areas and volumes

     If you need one of these in an exam you would normally get given the equation, but not always

  • Rearranging equations

    Demonstrations of some simple algebra involving rearranging equations.