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Don't miss our question bank! Almost 1000 questions, specifically made to check your understanding of the DP Biology course.

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On topic pages you can also find plenty of longer answer exam style questions with model answers and question sets we call quizzes. 

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Question bank

Here are a few options for how you could use the question bank: 

1. Five a day

Choose 5 assorted questions to try every day. Set aside 10 minutes every day to practice all the different skills to keep them fresh in your mind. You can do this anytime you have a spare few minutes!

2. After a lesson

Choose questions about a topic that you have just learned in class, to check your understanding.

3. Revision

Choose the subtopic(s) you need to focus on questions before a topic test.

4. Formative Assessment

Choose all topics you should know and use it to check how well you have understood a topic