• English A: Language & Literature

    Dear Mr. Neil,
    This comes to appreciate your immense hard work in creating, collating and compiling all of these very relevant, well-timed resources in lucid, friendly language for all IBDP students and facilitators as well.
    Gratitude and thanks!
    Seethalakshmi S
    Seethalakshmi Subramanian, Mount Litera School (India)
  • Chemistry

    StudyIB is life changing! The best resource out there. StudyIB should, and will, be a staple in every IB chemist's revision!
    SAM (Italy)
  • Chemistry

    StudyIB chemistry is an amazing resource. I like that it is condensed but also informative; I much prefer it to the textbooks! I only used StudyIB notes for my mocks and am also planning on using it for my final exams. I really recommend it!
    KAILIN (United Kingdom)
  • Chemistry

    This is genuinely the holy grail of IB chemistry resources. IB is very stressful and keeping on top of your content and revision is difficult. This website has amazingly clear explanations for all syllabus points, it's so good that I haven't use my actual notes for revision. The multiple-choice question that are available on this website is brilliant for testing the breath of your knowledge and super convenient to do on the app on the train or the bus.
    OLIVE (United Kingdom)
  • English A: Language & Literature

    Thanks for this great initiative. I like how the site is broken down and explained in different assessment areas.
    Chiranjeet Bhattacharyya, UWC Maastricht (Netherlands)
  • English A: Language & Literature

    Layout is very clear. Discussion of examples helpful.
    Amanda Holmes, Verdala International School (Malta)
  • English A: Language & Literature

    I found this site extremely helpful for my IO. I was on a rush and didn’t have an idea of what I wanted to work with but after reviewing the videos and information the site has about structuring the IO it was easier for me to do so, specially the: Individual Oral- Organising the 10 minutes.
    Mariana Calderon, Colegio La Floresta (El Salvador)
  • Biology

    I just really love Biology and this site is amazing for me as it is so clear and easy to understand!
    Ciaran, IS Toulouse (France)
  • Maths: Applications & Interpretations SL

    So I love mathematics a lot and that is the site I have found interesting. I would recommend it for students who like reading ahead of their teachers and also those who study mathematics not just for exams but for a more detailed approach to the subject. I love the site so much.
    Rachael Lubanga, Student
  • Maths: Applications & Interpretations SL

    Really great website, tutorials are easy to follow and split topics up into sections that are manageable. This makes revision easy to track and the test questions provide accurate indicators of progress to make sure material has been learnt.
    Ross Harrison, Student
  • Maths: Applications & Interpretations SL

    My students and I have enjoyed StudyIB very much. We used the site last year and the students' performance moved up 1-2 points on the IB scale. My seniors this year have been using the site and I have seen a marked improvement on their retention of topics and their scores on cumulative papers. What we like most about the site is the ease of use, the quiz questions and the ability for the students to review topics THEY need individual help with.
    Tim Nichols, Teacher
  • Maths: Applications & Interpretations SL

    StudyIB is an amazing experience that really does help you learn and grow as a student. As a student in the IB Diploma Program, I know this very well. There is a certain cadence to the revision that I think really helps in retaining the information I learned. "Mental boxing" is how I would describe it. I've recommended this amazing site to my fellow IBDP colleagues as well as to people who aren't even in IB. The site has yielded positive attitudes on both regards. I will ever be grateful for this amazing resource and what it does for myself and kids like me.
    Ayo Aina, Student
  • Maths: Analysis & Approaches

    It has really a lot of tips to prepare IB students for the exams, as well as exercises and guidance. It gives a clear outline of all knowledge we need to complete them appropriately.
    Maria Cassano, Escuela Bella Vista (Venezuela)
  • Maths: Analysis & Approaches

    The site is great for revising the basic understandings of each topic quickly. Especially since you are able to test yourself at the end of each page and easily see where you need to improve.
    Finn Tlatlik, Söderportgymnasiet (Sweden)
  • Maths: Analysis & Approaches

    The website has been working great! Enjoying the quizzes and guides, couldn't be more thankful for such a resource.
    Tommy Lee, Suzhou Singapore International School (China)
  • Maths: Analysis & Approaches

    The website is a blessing. I'm so happy to have stumbled upon it and I recommend it to anyone who is preparing for the SL math exam. The videos have been so successful in helping me recall content from the years... The website works very well and the note sheets, quizzes, and exam styled questions are very helpful. Even though it's in the developmental stage, it has helped me increase my scores on the practice exams by 20 points in the span of a week, and it has made me feel more prepared for the IB SL Math Exam. Thank you very much for that.
    Anne Laurie Joseph, Flagler Palm Coast High School (USA)
  • Maths: Analysis & Approaches

    StudyIB Mathematics is an excellent resource bank where the complete IB Mathematics course is dissected and well explained through videos, questions, tips & tricks. The website is interactive and easy to navigate with a pleasant visual layout. For each (sub-)chapter there are quizzes and exam-style questions to test your knowledge after the theory videos and notes. If you are aiming for a grade 7 then StudyIB has all the resources and guidance to make that possible. I would highly recommend StudyIB Mathematics to anyone who wishes to excel in the IB Mathematics course.
    Alain de Ruiter, International School of Toulouse (France)
  • Maths: Analysis & Approaches

    StudyIB is a brilliant website for any IB student to study from. I have been using StudyIB for both Physics SL and IB Math SL and, and it has been a tremendous help for me. It provides information both in text form and video form; the video form is narrated by a brilliant teacher, who goes through all of the things you need to know in every unit in their respective subjects. Moreover, in his videos, he solves IB questions and he encourages his audience to stop the video and try the question for themselves before seeing him solve it. Furthermore, after the videos and notes, you are presented with more IB questions that you can try. All in all, this is another brilliant tool for IB students to use.
    Edric Soyo, International school of Hannover Region (Germany)
  • Maths: Analysis & Approaches

    I found your website really helpful and I enjoyed using it.
    Manya Anand, Saint John’s International School, Waterloo (Belgium)
  • Maths: Analysis & Approaches

    Inthinking Revision has enormously helped me in my understanding of math. I started revising Mathematics AA SL two months prior to the exam, and during that time I barely understood the purpose of functions, trigonometry, and calculus, which was highly needed for me since I’ll be doing an interdisciplinary science major at uni. Thanks to Inthinking Revision, math laws, operations, graphs, etc. finally started to make sense to me, and generally, doing math isn’t unbearable anymore but sometimes even fun. Whenever I’d get asked about my progress in math, I’d recommend studying using studyib to my peers.
    Uma Nea Zaimovic, Druga Gimnazija Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina)