Pre IB Weekly Quiz 2

This page contains your second weekly quiz! Each week of July and August a new quiz will be published, so that you can make sure you are ready to start the Maths AI course in September with confidence. 

Good luck and let us know how you got on!


Consider the linear model, f(x) = 3.56x -1.7, what is the value of x when f(x) = 69.5?

Substitute 69.5 into your equation and rearrange to solve, or input y = 3.56x - 1.7 in to your GDC and read from the table.


Evaluate, \(\frac{\left(3.42\times2.54\right)}{2.67}\) , rounding to three significant figures


If \({ a }^{ 3 }\times { a }^{ 4 }={ a }^{ n }\), what is \(n\)?

n =

\({ a }^{ m }\times { a }^{ n }={ a }^{ m+n }\)


If \(50+90c=100\), what is the value of \(c\)? (to 3sf)

c =

1. Subtract 50 from both sides.

2. divide both sides by 90.

3. Remember to round to three significant figures!


If \(2t-4=4t-6\), what is the value of \(t\)? (to 3sf)


1.Subtract 2t from both sides

2. Add 6 to both sides

3. Divide both sides by 2


What is the distance between coordinates A and B?

A: (-2,-5)

B:(5, 7)

Use Pythagoras to calculate this:



What is the longest length of a triangle with shorter sides 5 and 8?

Use Pythagoras to calculate this:



Rearrange the equation \(y=0.5x+4\) to make \(x\) the subject


1. Subtract 4 from boths ides.

2. Divide both sides by 0.5, which is equivalent to multiplying both sides by 2.


What is the equation of the line that crosses through the coordinates (3,3) and (0,-3), written in the form \(y=mx+c\)


1. Find the gradient first

2. Substitute the gradient and a coordinate into the equation of a straight line formula

(for more support with this specific skill, watch video 6 in the 'pre-IB preparation' page)