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Mathematics Applications & Interpretation SL (standard level)

- Your one stop virtual teacher, practice zone & revision guide! -

Welcome to this study IB site for students of the IB Mathematics Applications and Interpretation SL (standard level) course. This short page is designed as a brief introduction to the site to help you understand what is here and how you can use it. The site is designed to be a 'virtual teacher' and a 'practice and revision center'. The virtual teacher aspect is a huge bank of slides and videos aimed at explaining the key concepts of the course. These are then backed up by revision flashcards, hundreds of practice questions with advice and feedback and exam style questions with full worked solutions. In short, everything you need to support the studying and assessment of this course.

Have a look

With no sign up at all you can see and use this page on the  4.9 Normal Distribution as an example of all the features our pages offer.

If you create a basic account at no cost, you can see and use all our  Your Graphical Display Calculator pages for  Casio, TI-84 and TI-Nspire  4 further chapters..

 1.1 Standard Index Form

 2.5 Trigonometric Models

 3.1 Volume and surface area

 5.1 & 5.3 Introduction to Calculus

That is already a lot of useful resources to help you get a feel for our site an dpersuade you to pay the very reasonable fee for the rest!

What is here?

This site is explicitly for students of the Maths Applications & Interpetation SL (standard level) course and includes....

  • 200+ Teaching videos covering the key concepts on the syllabus.
  • 200+ Slides with visual explanations and examples.
  • Hundreds of onscreen practice questions with feedback on each topic
  • A questionbank with 1700+ questions with answers and explanations where you can choose a set to practice on by number of questions, topic, subtopic and difficulty level.
  • Revision cards
  • 100+ original exam style questions with video solutions
  • Regular updates with more videos and questions going up every month.

And more.....

Video Introduction

Teaching Videos

These allow you to review key syllabus concepts that you have learned in class. Slow, careful demonstrations and explanations that you can watch again and again. Designed to make you think and help you understand and improve. Some are designed to explain concepts from the beginning and others are focussed on very specific skills

Teaching Slides

Each topic page starts with a gallery of teaching slides that can be easily scanned so that you can find a slide that offers you a quick explanation, if you don't want to watch the whole video. Like flicking through the pages of a book, this section is desigend to be a quick reference guide to what you are looking for. You can click on any image to make it fill the screen and then swipe through them - this works really well on a mobile device.

On Screen Quizzes

This is a huge section of the site allowing lots and lots of practice. You can get instant feedback on your answers including advice about how to tackle the question and worked solutions. See the example below.


Revision Cards

We reconginse that when preparing for assessments, that you will want shorter and shorter references. For that reason, each topic comes with a short set of revision cards for really quick reference.

Exam Style Questions

The end of each chapter has a selection of questions like the ones you can expect in your assessments. You can download and print a version of these from the top of the topic page and then watch video solutions! See this example from the probability topic.