Exams & Assessment

In this section, you will find information to help you navigate your final exams and your internal assessment!

  • IA & technology

    This page is full of tips about how to make the best use of technology when you are doing your internal assessment. It is highly recommended that you do use technology to be both accurate and clear and tell help tell the story of your investigation....

  • Internal Assessment

    The Internal Assessment can be both the most rewarding and perhaps most challenging aspects of the course. On the page you will find some advice, tips and recommendations to make it more of the former and less of the latter! Photo Credit. Georgia Organ

  • Sixes & sevens

    This is a page with advice about what it takes to hit the top grades - 6s and 7s in the Maths Studies exams. Everyone has different starting points and different goals, but this page is specifically about the things to watch out for to help...

  • Exam Advice

    This page is a simple list of things that you can do and prepare for relating to exam technique. Small things that can make a big difference. We should all know that there are more things to life than exams (although it doesn't feel like it...