Pre-IB Preparation

Welcome to the IB-preparation page for the Applications and Interpretations course. This page will help you to consolidate concepts you may have covered previously to ensure you have a solid base to begin the course on a strong footing. If you would like to dig deeper into more of the content in A&I, please do feel free to explore the pages across the rest of the site. Good luck with the start of your IB Diploma journey in mathematics!

Key Concepts

The knowledge and skills you will consolidate in preparation for the course are: 

  • Pythagoras' Theorem: Distance between two points 
  • Rounding and Significant Figures
  • Forming and Solving Linear Equations: Real Life Contexts
  • Rearranging Linear Equations
  • Straight Line Graphs
  • Exponents (Indices)
  • Area and Volume Fundamentals
  • Get to know your Graphic Display Calculator 

For further consolidation of concepts you may have already covered, see the following pages on the site:

  • Page 1.1: Standard Index Form (Scientific Notation)
  • Page 1.4 & 1.7: Compound Interest
  • Page 1.5: Laws of Exponents
  • Page 1.6: Significant Figures, Lower and Upper Bounds and Percentage Error. 
  • Page 2.1 & 2.2: Introducing Functions
  • Page 2.5: Linear Models
  • Page 2.5: Quadratic Models 
  • Page 3.1: Volume and Surface Area
  • Page 3.2: Right angled Trigonometry
  • Page 3.3: Non-right angled Trigonometry 
  • Page 3.3: Applications of Trigonometry 
  • Page 4.2: Cumulative Frequency and Box Plots
  • Page 4.3: Central Tendency and Dispersion 


1. Pythagoras' Theorem: Distance between two points 

2. Rounding and Significant Figures 

Rounding using decimal places:
Rounding using significant figures

3. Solving Linear Equations

4. Rearranging Linear Equations

5. Straight Line Graphs 1: Intuitive Understanding

6. Straight Line Graphs: Going more technical...

7. Exponents (Indices)
8. Area Fundamentals: The Formula Booklet
9. Volume Fundamentals: The Formula Booklet
10. Getting to know your Graphic Display Calculator (GDC)


These slides summarise the essential understanding and skills in this topic. They are what we have previously included as 'Flash Cards' or 'revision cards

Test yourself

Self Checking Quiz

Practice your understanding on these quiz questions. Check your answers when you are done and read the worked solutions when you get stuck. If you find there are still some gaps in your understanding then go back to the videos above.

Exam Style Questions

The following are exam style questions on this topic that you should try on your own before checking against the video solution.

Question 1

Video Solution and Worked Solution

Question 2


Video Solution and Worked Solution

Question 3


Video Solution and Worked Solution

Pre-IB Weekly quiz 1

Follow this link to the first pre-IB weekly quiz! Pre-IB Preparation Weekly Quiz 1 (published on 1st July)