Introduction to differential calculus

  • Calculus concept

    This is the first of three sections on differential calculus. This is significant branch of mathematics with lots of applications. It builds very nicely on other concepts in the course and those you are likely to have covered previously...

  • Calculus Part 2

    In this unit we look at find the equations of tangents and normals to curves, increasing and decreasing functions and the second derivative. All this builds on the fundamental notion that calculus tells uas about the rate of of change of a...

  • Calculus Part 3

    Description of the concept... The following is a series of slides and videos that will help you understand, learn about and review this sub-topic. Keep track of your progress and practice the exam questions on this ACTIVITY LINK Use these slides...

  • Calculus Part 4 (HL)

    It's now time to increase your differentiation 'toolkit' to look at more complex functions. That includes differentiating trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions, alongside learning three new rules of Calculus: the product rule, the quotient r