You can refer to these TI-84 videos at any point during your course, and it makes an excellent summary as you prepare for exams. Examiners reports have, on many occasions, pointed out that large amounts of marks were lost because students did not know how to make the best use of their GDCs. Don't let this be you! PLEASE NOTE, that the videos on this page are about using the calculator and not about the mathematics itself. Use the topic pages to learn mathematical concepts. 

1. GDC Exam Set-up

2. Graphing (Zoom-Fit, Window and Table)

3. Standard Form

4. Rounding

5. Arithmetic Sequences

6. Arithmetic Series

7. Solving a Quadratic equal to Zero

8. Key Features of Graphs

9. Horizontal Asymptotes

10. Solving Linear Simultaneous Equations

11. Solving Non-Linear Equations

12. One-Variable Stats with a List of Data

13. One-Variable Stats with a Frequency Table

14. Bivariate Stats and Regression Lines

15. Calculus: Definite Integration

16. Calculus: Gradient at a Point

17. Calculus: Equation of a Tangent

18. Chi-Squared Test

19. Chi-Squared GOF Test

20. Binomial Probabilities 

21. Normal Distribution Probabilities 

22. Inverse Normal Distribution

23. Spearman's Rank 

24. T-test