Fin de semana de cine con el gran director de cine: Almodóvar y su última película: "Madres paralelas"

¿Conoces a Almodóvar?

Es un director de cine español, quizás el más internacional. Te invitamos este fin de semana a ver una de sus películas, la última por el momento: Madres paralelas, un melodrama mezclado con thriller con la famosa actriz Penélope Cruz como protagonista. Aquí tienes el tráiler.

Why is it good for you to watch films in Spanish?

  • You learn a lot about the different cultures where Spanish is spoken.
  • You are in contact with the authentic spoken Spanish language with the different "variantes" from the many countries where Spanish is spoken.
  • You learn a lot of vocabulary without noticing in a very natural way. 
  • Your grammar will improve automatically.
  • Your listening skills will develop.
  • If you watch with subtitles, your spelling and writing skills will improve as well.

We recommend that you...

  • watch this film and all films ALWAYS in original version. 
  • add the subtitles in Spanish. Listening and reading at the same time it is a great way of learning Spanish. 
  • only when really get lost, change for some parts the subtitles into English and then switch again.
  • do not read too much about the film at least until you finish it. It is a thriller and you don't want any spoiler. Afterwards, it is always interesting to read what the critics think about the film and what you agree with.