IA 2022

Actually the title should be 2023 since that is when this lot will do their exam, however I always get the IA done early so my first year students have just handed in their 1st draft. I have given feedback and they have 1 week to finish it off. The photo was taken on the day of the 1st draft deadline. My students surprised me by turning up to class dressed in their smart clothes. This is not the full set of students, there are about 10 more, it's certainly been a busy 3 weeks. I thought I would list the research questions with a photo. There has been some excellent work done, they should be as proud of themselves as I am of them.

Ibrahim: How will the distance of pushing down on a ruler holding a ball and then releasing it, affect the vertical distance travelled by the ball due to the ruler coming back to its original position?

Hamza: What is the effect of changing the liquid's height in the container on the range of the fluid exiting the container through a tiny orifice?

Era: How does the distance between two magnetic poles affect the angle of displacement of an aluminium plate?

Lubica: How does the area of a plate connected to a metal strip affect the amplitude and frequency of resonance?

Vihaan: How is the bounce height of an object when dropped from a known height onto a stretched string affected by the tension of a string?

ThaliaWhat is the relationship of the distance between the loops of a slinky spring and the wave speed?

Dickson:  What is the relation between the spring constant and the maximum force exerted when extended by a body falling from a fixed height( with constant kinetic energy)?

Emmanuel: What is the relationship between the light intensity and distance of a light bulb.

Alvin:  What is the relationship between the buoyant force experienced by  cylinder and the depth submerged.

Oscar: What is the relationship between force and the displacement of the balance point of a nordic ski?

Mans: The relation between the position of maximum amplitude and the distance between the sources.

Sean Zhang: The aim of this investigation is to find out how the length of the radius of a spring affects the value of its spring constant.

Hans Sebastian: What is the relationship between vertical displacement and buoyancy for a partially submerged cone.

Adrianna Cenuse: What is the relationship between temperature (T) at the top of a hot air balloon and the buoyancy force (FB) that causes it to fly?

Halima: What is the relationship between centripetal force and angular velocity?

Theo: The relationship between the angle of projectile (θ) and velocity of the ball (v) in order to hit the target.

Nejra: What is the relationship between the resistance and length of a wide piece of conductive paper?

Aaro: How does water vapour in the air of a sauna affect the pressure of a constant volume of a gas at constant temperature and volume?

Dharsh: What is the relationship between the velocity of an object and the radius of the hump-back bridge that can be crossed without taking flight?

Albert: How does the Velocity of a Missile Launcher Depend on the Angle of the Projectile?

Ishi: What is the relationship between speed and the angle for badminton shots hitting the back boundary line?

Pablo: What is the relationship between the distance the solar power car car has from the light source and the speed of the wheels?


Isa: What is the relationship between the distance of the mass from the centre and the angular velocity? 

Ben: What is the relationship between the pressure when blowing hard or soft and the force exerted by a jet of air coming from blowing?

Jakob: How does the velocity of an object hitting a string affect the sound's intensity

Ali: What is the effect of the specific heat capacity for different metals as heating elements on the temperature rise of the water?

Jet: What is the relationship between the height of the bottle and the range of a water jet?

Lenhle: What is the relationship between time period and angle between the legs of a Y shaped pendulum.

David: What is the relationship between the volume of a fixed mass of gas and the depth when it is submerged in water?

Emil: What is the relationship between the vertical and horizontal components of displacement of a mass on a spring travelling in a vertical orbit around the spring’s pivot?

Hayden: How does the volumetric flow rate of water get affected by the change in length of a pipe arranged with horizontal slope?

Clara: The relationship between the amplitude and distance from the source of a wave in ripple waves.

Fanny: The Relationship Between Rate of Blood Flow Through a Blood Vessel and the Radius of the Vessel.