• So I love mathematics a lot and that is the site I have found interesting. I would recommend it for students who like reading ahead of their teachers and also those who study mathematics not just for exams but for a more detailed approach to the subject. I love the site so much.
    Rachael Lubanga, Student
  • Really great website, tutorials are easy to follow and split topics up into sections that are manageable. This makes revision easy to track and the test questions provide accurate indicators of progress to make sure material has been learnt.
    Ross Harrison, Student
  • My students and I have enjoyed StudyIB very much. We used the site last year and the students' performance moved up 1-2 points on the IB scale. My seniors this year have been using the site and I have seen a marked improvement on their retention of topics and their scores on cumulative papers. What we like most about the site is the ease of use, the quiz questions and the ability for the students to review topics THEY need individual help with.
    Tim Nichols, Teacher
  • StudyIB is an amazing experience that really does help you learn and grow as a student. As a student in the IB Diploma Program, I know this very well. There is a certain cadence to the revision that I think really helps in retaining the information I learned. "Mental boxing" is how I would describe it. I've recommended this amazing site to my fellow IBDP colleagues as well as to people who aren't even in IB. The site has yielded positive attitudes on both regards. I will ever be grateful for this amazing resource and what it does for myself and kids like me.
    Ayo Aina, Student