Preparing for your May Exams

We want to take some time to show you how you can use this website to help you revise. 

1. Make a revision schedule. Revising little and often is far more effective to help you remember than trying to cram it all in just before the exam. You could use the Question Bank to complete 5 or 10 questions a day on the topics you have learnt so far

2. Using the question bank will help you to see which topics you might not understand properly. If so, use the topic specific pages to review that topic in more depth. Look at the topic name of the question you struggled with and find it from our home page.  Here are the links to some of the most frequently visited pages: 

3. Try the Practice Questions which give you plenty of practice on all the individual topics. 

4. Once you feel more confident, try the  Exam Style Questions that are been written each day. These are styled like the final exam will be to help you to approach the exam properly. 

5. Read the  Exam Advice page that will help you with specific hints and tips to make sure you get as many marks as possible. 

5. Help out your friends: Do they know about this website yet? If not, recommend it to them so you can revise together!

How do you use this site? What do you find useful? Send us a message to let us know so we can keep improving. 

Do you have any specific mathematical questions or questions about the exam? Send us a message with your questions and we will answer them in the next blog post.