Preparing for Mock Exams?

Have you got your mock exams coming up soon? Here are a few practical tips to help you to prepare. 


1. Make a revision schedule. Revising little and often is far more effective to help you remember than trying to cram it all in just before the exam. You could use the Question Bank to complete 5 or 10 questions a day on the topics you have learnt so far

2. Identify areas of weakness and focus on those. Use the topic specific pages to focus on specific topics that you know you haven't understood very well. You can watch the videos, make notes from the slides, and then complete the quizzes and exam style questions to reinforce your understanding. 

3. Check that you are using your calculator in the most efficient way. Watch the videos on the Your Graphical Display Calculator page that corresponds to your calculator to review your skills. 

4. Read the  Exam Advice page that will help you with specific hints and tips to make sure you get as many marks as possible. 

5. Help out your friends: Do they know about this website yet? If not, recommend it to them so you can revise together!


Good luck and happy revising!