Success with multiple choice questions

Multiple choice questions are more difficult than they look in IB exams because the examiners usually include tempting distracters amongst the choices of answers. Students who are alert to the possibility of partly correct answers will achieve higher marks.

Read on to find out how to spot a distracter.  Following this guidance you may avoid several accidental errors in paper 1 and improve your grade.

Success with multiple choice questions

These slides give advice from an examiner about how to approach multiple choice questions.

As can be seen from the slides multiple choice questions are more difficult than they look. The simple steps shown will help you to get the highest mark possible from your Biology knowledge and understanding.

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On topic pages you can also find plenty of longer answer exam style questions with model answers and question sets we call quizzes. 

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Further practice

Here are a few options for how you could use our resources for more practise:
(Note: links to an object on a selection of pages from the site - which illustrate the resources. The first one must be a free page, the others behind the paywall)


Cell division 1.6

Practise some multiple choice questions about mitosis and the cell cycle on this page. They all contain short explanations about the correct answers.


Carbohydrates & Lipids 2.3

Getting to know the molecules is good to do using multiple choice questions. Try these questions.


Energy flow 4.2

Energy flow in ecosystems is a topic where the essential understandings are often confused by an unusual example. Practise multiple choice skills in this topic. They all contain short explanations.


Translation 7.3 HL

Test your biological understanding of the complex process of Translation. The multiple choice questions on this page each contain short explanations to help you understand why the answer is correct.


Kidney and osmoregulation 11.3 HL

These multiple choice questions summarise some essential understandings and skills in this topic.  Each question displays a short explanation after you submit the answer.