P2 - Examination Questions

This section will help you specifically with the skill of preparing for success in the Paper 2 examination. This examination is writing a comparative literary essay on two works of literature studied.

What will I get?

This section will:

- Share examples of previous examination or specimen examination questions;

- Share real student responses and examiners' marks and comments.

  • Paper 2 - Examination Questions

    This section will give you access to examination questions and responses, leading to detailed guides and analyses on how to write an effective response and examiners' feedback. May 2023 will be the first time that Paper 2 is examined for this...

  • Paper 2 - Exemplar Response

    This page will provide you not only with authentic student responses to specimen questions, but also with examiners' feedback, and a narrated explanation of what the student did well. How do two of the works you have studied portray the struggle...