P1 - Examination Questions

Understanding the types of questions you will be asked, and the types of texts you will need to respond to, will help you perform to your best in the Paper 1 assessment: a guided textual analysis of previously unseen texts.

What will I get?

This section will:

- Share examples of previous guiding questions;

- Share examples of non-literary text-(type)s that will be similar to those in the Paper 1 examinations;

- Share real student responses and examiners' marks and comments.

  • Paper 1 - Examination Questions

    This section will give you access to examination questions and responses, leading to detailed guides and analyses on how to write an effective response and examiners' feedback. By definition, Paper 1 is an unseen text analysis.

  • Paper 1 - M22 Responses

    This page will provide you not only with authentic examination responses for students taking Paper 1 in M22, but also with examiners' feedback, and a narrated explanation of what the student did well. Examiner how the narrative voice is used...

  • Paper 1 - M21 Responses

    After all of the speculation, what have the Paper 1 examinations looked like and how are they assessed? The first examinations were in May 2021, and Paper 1 contained an article from the New York Times magazine, alongside an infographic. While...