The Learner Portfolio

The Learner Portfolio is an essential, mandatory part of the course. While it is not assessed, the IB reserves the right to request them. It is designed to help you to develop your self-management skills, to organise yourselves, and to arrange your portfolio of learning so that you can further develop through reflection.

Essential Questions

The IB Diploma is the global benchmark for pre-university, post-16, High School education. Being an inquiry-driven programme, the articulation of essential questions at the forefront of any study is a prerequisite. Below you find kinds of questions that will be answered within this section of the site:


What is the Learner Portfolio and (how) is it assessed?


What should be included in the Learner Portfolio?


How should the Learner Portfolio be presented?


How should I reflect upon learning in the Portfolio? 

This section will:

  • Give you a fuller explanation of what is required and why;
  • Give you protocols and scaffolds for writing reflections;
  • Give you ideas of classroom learning and how it can be written into the Learner Portfolio.

  • The Learner Portfolio

    Read on to find some answers to questions about what the Learner Portfolio is, how it should look, and what it should include.

  • The Learner Portfolio - Reflections

    The Learner Portfolio is designed as a process as much, if not more than a product. Developing rigorous documentation and reflection of learning - whether it be of classroom activities or of texts read - is a key skill.

  • The Learner Portfolio - Classroom Activities

    This page helps you to understand how interactive classroom learning can be reflected upon in a certain way to deepen your understanding and develop your Learner Portfolio.