What can I do now? (Southern Hemisphere)

New Year's Resolutions in the South

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2023!

As a student of English A: Language & Literature studying in the Southern Hemisphere, what can I be doing now to improve my chances of success? Read on for tips and advice:

IBDP Year 1 Student:

If your school year follows a traditional calendar year then you are literally just starting the IBDP course. All I would say is good luck, enjoy, and don't worry. Take the time to explore and enjoy the texts and new ideas you are presented with. You have plenty of time to progress and plenty of varied opportunities to show what you know and can do.

IBDP Year 2 Student:

In all likelihood, you will be in the heart of preparations for the Individual Oral and HL Essay. Scoring well in these gives you genuine credit in the bank when the final examinations roll around, and the key to success is certainly based around knowing exactly what is expected of you and how to structure your response and, in the IO, your time. Take time to delve into the resources and guidelines in Individual Oral - Bodies of WorkIndividual Oral - Structure Ideas, and Individual Oral - Student Samples, as well as in HL Essay - Choosing a TopicHL Essay - Student Samples, and HL Essay - Gaining Level 7 to help you on the path to success.