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What's new for EngLangLit revision?

With the new school year successfully afoot and the Class of 2023 navigating IA deadlines, Extended Essays, and as much curricula learning as possible in the classrooms across the globe, pragmatic attentions are turned to the business end of the IB Diploma. While our new IBDP students are grappling with the philosophies of inquiry-based learning and adapting to the Diploma Programme from whatever preceded it, our second-year students are instead thinking in terms of components, coursework and examinations. What do I still need to do? How much is it worth? How can I prepare to be as successful as possible?


You'll be delighted to learn that this revision site has something for you, whichever stage of the course and your own learning-journey you are at. There continues to be a wealth of materials about the course as a whole (A Conceptual Framework), about the Learner Portfolio (The Learner Portfolio - Classroom Activities), and the Individual Oral (Individual Oral - Organising the 10 minutes) for year 1 students, while there are plenty of resources on how to analyse and evaluate (Paper 2 - Analysis and Evaluation), a general skill required in all assessment components as year 2 students focus on acing those final pieces of coursework and the examinations.


New on the site are two authentic pieces of Level 7 work from a May 2022 student who gained the top grade. Firstly, there is a response to the November 2021 Paper 1 infographic text, completed under controlled and timed conditions in the classroom: Paper 1 - Dealing with Infographics . Secondly, there is a Higher Level Essay from the same student (with the same outcome and examiner's comments included): HL Essay - Gaining Level 7


I hope you find them useful and await eagerly the next installments. If you like them, tell your friends to subscribe and feel as well-prepared as possible for next May and beyond.