Tu diario de español

La práctica es el mejor maestro: Usus magister est optimus

What do you think about keeping a Spanish diary?

As you can read above Practice is the best master.

In order to improve your writing skills the best thing to do is to write. It is true that during the IB course you aim at accuracy, but it is also true that together with accuracy you need to aim at fluency. This means that it doesn't matter how many mistakes you make, you need to practise your writing a lot and this is where keeping a diary could be useful.

When we say "diary" we don't mean the "typical diary you write in the evenings saying what you have done during the day. You can do something more creative and meaningful to you.

Ideas for a diary

  • If you see a film, write your impressions, it doesn´t have to be a formal "reseña", on the contrary, just write what you felt, what you liked or dislike, whether you would recommend it and why.
  • If you meet an interesting person in person or if you listen to someone interesting on a podcast or TV programme, write about this person, what has impressed you, what s/he did or said that you would like to follow.
  • If you make a trip, or attend a wonderful event, put it down on paper to remember it better. What made it so special...
  • Write about a new habbit, something you have started and still find it difficult.
  • Write about a dream you have, something you wish, what you are doing to achieve your dream or desire.

What does the diary look like?

We highly recommend that you buy a nice notebook, that you give titles to each entrance and that you keep a nice writing.

It is very important that you write with a pen because that is the way you woud be writing in the final exam. You need to practise thinking about the whole sentence before writing. Choose other words or even sentences to express the same meaning when you realize it is too difficult in the way you wanted at the beginning.

Of course, if you have a classmate who is doing the same and want to do peer correcting, it is a wonderful idea, but if you prefer to keep it for yourself, this is good as well.

Try not to look for too many words in the dictionary as you are writing. Look for synonyms in your mind, different ways of saying the same.

Remember, the aim is always effectiveness!