Estrategias para la comprensión auditiva

There is a lot going on while you listen to a Spanish oral text, you are all the time monitoring your comprehension, and making decisions about your strategy use. For this, you need to evaluate continually what you are comprehending and this is why it is so important to make good use of listening strategies

¿Qué estrategias nos ayudan?

  • Making connections between what we are listening and your previous knowledge. This is important because everything new must find a connection to something previously learned and this is the way it will stay in your brain. If this does not happen, the brain is unable to retain what it wants to learn, so the strategy is to search and find those connections to make sense of what we hear.
  • Inferring, that is, deducing and reaching a conclusion from what you are listening to understand even what is not said, but what you arrive at from our previous knowledge.
  • Predicting and anticipating what you are going to hear. For this we make good use of our experience and knowledge and often of the instructions and contextualization and paratextual elements, that is, all those elements that "surround" the text -such as images-, and help us to understand it.
  • Directing your attention to what you are going to listen to. It is important that you stay focused and know exactly the objective or purpose of what you are listening.
  • Verifying hypotheses while listening. It is necessary to verify that everything that is predicted by the connections, previous knowledge, etc., is fulfilled or not and thus be able to respond effectively.

Recuerda que trabajamos estrategias en todo la sección de Comprensión auditiva:


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¡Escucha, prueba practicar estas estrategias, verás como pronto te sentirás más seguro/a y con más confianza!