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The self-study & revision DP Spanish B website provides an online learning environment for higher and standard level students who want to consolidate their language skills, have a deeper understanding of assessment requirements and improve their grades. The learning resources here encourage continuous progression and provide a clear path for students to reach their full potential by building confidence and increasing motivation. The website offers support and guidance throughout the course and can be used at any stage of students’ language development.


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The site structure and features

The structure is consistent and easy to follow. Its sections and pages provide provide a practical and effective step by step guide for students to work on their own needs. It is written in Spanish, but it also ensures that users understand key explanations, guidance, strategies or exam-tips making use of English through videos, hidden boxes or essential clarifications.


 Paula is an ex IB student who completed the Spanish B course and here you will find her view on the website.

Communication and feedback

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you can contact us by clicking on (on the left column) or via internal messaging.


We are grateful for the invaluable contribution of the teacher Gabriela Gade in the early stages of the project. Also, the collaboration of the teacher Gabriela Ledesma and her students and that of all the students and teachers who have helped us with suggestions and recommendations. We also thank Paula Koller for her videos. This is a collaborative project open to continuous improvement and, for this reason, we expect the active participation of the entire educational community.

  • The Question bank & Flashcards

    The Question bank ...

  • The course at a glance

    Los cursos de Lengua B se ofrecen en dos niveles: Nivel medio (NM) y Nivel superior (NS). Los cursos van dirigidos a alumnos con conocimiento previo de la lengua, en este caso del español, y el objetivo es la adquisición de la lengua meta...