¿Qué ofrece la página y cómo la puedo utilizar?

En esta sección hay:

  • un resumen de la página en inglés
  • un screencast del uso de la página en inglés y en español

Site overview

The Study DP Spanish B site provides an online learning environment for students who want to consolidate their language skills, have a broad understanding of assessment requirements and improve their grades at both, Higher level and Standard level. It encourages continuous progression with a clear path to reach students’ full potential, build their confidence and promote their motivation.

It offers support and guidance throughout the course and it can be used at any stage of students’ language development.

The structure of the site is consistent and easy to follow. Its sections and pages provide a practical and effective step by step guide to work on students’ own needs. It is entirely written in Spanish, but it also ensures that users understand key explanations, strategies or exam-tips making use of English through videos or hidden boxes.



  • A practical approach towards key ingredients of the Spanish B course;
  • 4 effective steps to work each assessment component;
  • Top exam preparation tips to help you develop your learning skills successfully;
  • Videos explaining key concepts;
  • Flashcards sets for grammar;
  • Quizzes for consolidating vocabulary and all language skills;
  • On-screen self-marking multiple choice questions;
  • Mindmaps to help analyse, recall and generate new ideas;
  • Exam-style questions, practice papers, with accompanying answers;
  • Top marks sample answers for the writing component and the individual oral;
  • A large variety of written, visual, audio- and audio-visual texts;
  • An interactive practice of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation;
  • A Q-bank for generating sets of questions with instant feedback.